Thursday, October 8, 2009

10-3-09 Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, NM

5:30 AM we should've been part of the dawn patrol, who would've thought we'd be up at the butt crack of dawn with these crazy crazy people on a Saturday morning to boot! But man oh man the crowds are out and all these balloons! The weather is supposed to be beautiful, but you can't prove it by me- of course I brought, hat, gloves, scarf & extra heavy jacket & sweat shirts but when we leave the camper the sun is shining and we's not too bad, we'll be fine with just the sweatshirt and a couple layers of clothes-WRONG!!!! Just wait till we get to the open field and the wind picks up just a tad bit-you'd think you were in the Antarctic, so of course within an hour or two my back starts to spasm & I go glove and scarf hunting because it goes straight into my neck and by 8 AM I'm in total pain :o( not a happy camper to say the least.....found a pair of adorable gloves with little hot air balloons on them ($5) what a deal & then I go into one of the vendor tents and guess what? There is a masseuse....I'm in heaven :o) So I get a "mini" massage for half an hour-then we decide to bag it and head back to the camper where I spread out on the heating pad for a while until it starts to get better & later in the afternoon we get the shuttle back and watch the evening glow-which in itself is a site to see :o) Yes, indeedy I am happy again! I'll put some more of those pics up for you to see...

Tomorrow we have to take the suburban in for some work (oil change etc) so we'll just watch from our campground & then head out I believe

yahoo, finally Albuquerque 10-2-09

what a zoo of a town! I never expected such a metropolis as this, roads every which way and their grid system truly is the worse I have ever seen-the roads make no sense and even the east west and south north seem to go the wrong way but who are we to complain-we're the foreigners, lol-except the one night we hit Olive Garden for dinner and guess what? The wait staff even agreed with us, lol-so how's that for a screwed up town....but other than that it is pretty neat to finally be here & balloons, OMG are there balloons-everywhere you look you see them & people with balloon logo's on them and their cars & hats and shirts & selling is definitely the balloon capital of the world!

The day we arrive we have time to do some sightseeing -so we decide to do the Sandia Tram, which we had heard about and supposedly is the longest in the USA but we decide it isn't because we had gone on the one in Palm Springs with my neice Katherine & Tim and that was much better, higher and longer (prettier pictures too) Anyway, it costs about $17.50 each and the temp up there was rapidly dropping (43 degrees when we started the wait & 32 degrees by the time it was our turn) so we get crammed into this tram car & head on up the side of this mountain as the sun is rapidly setting and the heat is rapidly dropping, by the time we get to the top of the mountain - I am literally frozen to the bone (and I have sandals on) but I have my sweatshirt & long sleeve shirt on and so does Joe because they warn you about the temp up top....Well when we see the look on the people that are literally dying to get on our car as we get off at the mountaintop and down the hill -I said to Joe "I'm not getting off this car, just move to the other side and make like we're getting on with these people-no way I'm standing out in that frigid weather and waiting for the next car like they did" and sweetheart of a hubby that I have just looked at me dumbfounded and did what I said & moved forward with me, lol-but we stayed semi warm and rode on down that mountain with those frozen people, lol. He still thinks we missed out on some "pictures" but guess what I don't give a rat's ass!
couple pics from first day of balloon fiesta- dawn patrol goes up a little before 6 AM-we're up at 4:30 to get there by 5:30-man oh man are we nuts or what & it is friggin cold

Vegas pics-back up a few days

left photo is taco night at my sister Sue's and poor thing missed out because she had to work :o( but she was nice enough to cook for everyone because Angela's boyfriend, Enrique and her room mate David flew in from New Jersey that afternoon (actually moved to Vegas that day) and we celebrated her birthday and Enrique's birthday that night! Happy Birthday you two and also a late one to David, Samantha & Lexie-since we just missed theirs as well :o)
Middle pic is my sister Carol and my godchild Lexie & top right is Samantha and her "friend" Nick or should I say "boy" friend? hmmmm She posted it on Facebook so I imagine it's OK that I post it here, since I took it, lol

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Holbrook, Arizona October 1, 2009

Pass Hoover Dam on our way Plus this time the security check point was a real fiasco compared to the last time.....

On our way to the largest Balloon Fiesta in the entire world in Albuquerque, New Mexico.....kind of like a double edged sword....upset about leaving my daughter but totally thrilled to be going to NM! I can't tell you how long I've had this on my "Bucket List" but to finally be doing it is really thrilling. I said to Joe last night-he's doing his dream-driving across country (at least some of the states-hopefully we can finish it next year) and I'm getting to the Balloon Fiesta :o) how cool is that! The only other thing I hope to be able to accomplish is to get to Venice and Italy....but I don't think it will be with my husband-unless I can pull some strings in that department :o( since I don't think my daughter will be doing the trip with me now that she's moved across the world, so I guess I gotta work on my better half (again)

this picture is the new walk way they are building across the hoover dam, what a sight & amazing the way it is being constructed too!

Anyways-we pull into this RV site called OK RV campgrounds and it's in a seedy side of town but let me tell you it is packed, so we figure what the heck, how bad can it be? Well, apparently it is the stop-over for Albuquerque and in the morning when we get up (which is dang early) the place is empty, lol.

We're on the road by about 8 AM and pull into NM about noon, talk about a zoo, OMG-it is a Metropolis that puts Philly to shame-apparently it has a census of about 1.5 mil and climbing steadily everyday and the grid system in this town SUCKS!!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Left Las Vegas today-Meteor site from 50k yrs ago

Not a happy day for me, so not going to post much tonight....I hate hate hate leaving my sisters and my daughter especially :o( but we won't go there
It's now about 8:30 and we pulled into a little town called Holbrook in Arizona, we're about 230 miles away from Albuquerque! We made one stop today at some Meter/crater place on the way here and actually we stopped at exactly 4:55 because they were closing at 5:30 and we were debating whether or not it would be worth the $30 admission (it wasn't) but I guess now we can say we saw a hole in the ground that was something from another planet (I'll post a pic or two later)
gotta run now

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Entering Vegas...51 miles to go

alright I'm taking a break for a couple back when we head out to Albuquerque on the 1st of October...cya all soon
We'll be enjoying time with my daughter, sisters and their families and chillin (maybe win a jackpot and take a couple more weeks off, lol)

Beaver, Utah

this town has a special place in my see back in May I did this drive with my darling daughter (as some of you know) however, we did it in 4 days straight with one stop 0vernight (for my birthday as a special treat to me cause my ole bones needed a break from being cooped up in her little VW Passat all that time, lol. Anyways, we got to Beaver and no where along the way had any gas station attendant offered to check our fluids, under the hood or tires for that matter & when we pulled off in this god forsaken exit there were two gas stations,one on the left and one on the right-we chose the right for some unknown reason (I swear God was leading us)! WEll, good thing we did because this young fellow not only checked our fluids but happened to see that one of her tires had a bubble and the other one had a split down the side of it and let me tell you the speed limit is 80MPH out here......we would've definitely been KILLED if either tire would've blown out-so trust me when they say God works in mysterious ways!
SOOOOO, yesterday my sister Carol and I talk, as we have been doing regularly along the way and when I tell her where we are and about this Beaver town, she says one of her patients runs a RV park and Mexican restaurant in -yup- you guessed it Beaver! Now, wouldn't that be nice if we could pay back a local for something nice that was done for us back in we push and we push to make it to this little park and I'll post some pics, lol.....because it is definitely not something we would've found -especially since it was way after dark. In fact many a times along the way we were so tired we were ready to just pull off and just camp by the road and finally about 8:15 PM we pull in way off the beaten path (have to admit they gave us good directions tho) The owner even teried to talk us into trying some of his wife's mexican cooking but we were soooo exhausted we didn't unhook, or hook up to anything, just fed the dog, walked him and crashed!
First one is their house (green), second one is the entrance and third is the office :o)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rawlins, Wyoming-nothing much here

Made it and yup couldn't have asked for a closer campground than this one, lol- we're two blocks from a hospital and last night was here i sit catching up on my blogs while my man catches up on his sleep-poor fellow, been a tough couple nights for him (and days driving since I can't drive with the camper)
We pulled in about 5 yesterday, did a little putzin with the Bail and then walked over to the local eatery- i wanted to cooked spaghetti but no, he said give it a break and yuk was their food horrible! It was crowded so we thought it would be a good choice but I guess cause it was the only place in town everyone thinks it's good-I'd rather eat ground meat and those of you that know me know how I feel about that!
We'll be pulling out in about an hour-it's about 7 AM-figure I'll let him sleep in, just cause I couldn't sleep doesn't mean he can't -amend that line...we didn't leave till 11:30 I worked on these blog entries because internet was finally good :o)
I'm getting anxious about seeing my sisters and daughter, so I just want to get to Vegas at this point! Since we missed Ang's birthday yesterday :o( that was our original push date to get there but we'll be there by Saturday-now we just have to find a place to park this camper that night. we have somewhere Sunday on but Joe was checking for Saturday-don't know how he made out, guess I'll be making some calls today in the car.
I'll have to post a picture of this road we took yesterday while driving-it was 69 miles long and it was great for us with the camper no traffic and 65-70 mph but in the middle of no where all of a sudden there were all these trains and loaded with coal and a coal town--we're talking thousands and thousands being hauled. I guess when you hear of a mining accident in Wyoming mines-this is it because you could see for about hundred miles and there was nothing and then this popped up.
Wyoming sure is vast, beautiful and not much of anything except land & sky

Mt Rushmore

Mt Rushmore- carving of four of our president's - Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt & Lincoln and it was the work of sculptor Gutzon Borglum begun in 1927 and took only 14 years to complete but the difference being this was state funded and only cost -well back then it was a dear amount- nearly 1 million dollars! It is set up as a money maker now, definitely a different set up than Crazy Horse's display and theirs they will not accept any government money-it's strictly private contributions.
Oh Lauren & Ali-you'll be happy to know that the day we visited here one of the original workers a man named Nick was here signing autographs for a book he wrote about working on the faces -so we bought the book for you to read and had him autograph it for you girls :o) You can take it to school on day and show it. It tells how the faces were made and cut out of the side of the mountain.
We stayed at a cute campsite that was in the middle of all these places in Hill City but it was bad for internet and phone service so needless to say I was going a little batty after the second don't know if it was nerves or still whatever is in my system but finally after trying for over 2 1/2 hrs to work and getting so frustrated i gave up and went to bed- in the middle of the night these welts came back a hellin and my face, back, arms and legs swelled so bad.... poor Joe wanted to rush me to a hospital but alas there was none nearby so I popped the pills I had leftover from my last visit and finally the swelling started to subside and we packed up the next morning and headed out a day early towards Wyoming and Vegas :o( My face looked as though I was bubbled from a burn and the welts are hives that are 2 and 3" big! I just can't figure this out and it hasn't affected my throat yet!!!! But, Joe has had it with wilderness our next stop is going to be near a hospital, lol
Update for my girls-so far we've been thru the following mark them down for us on your map!

Badlands-truly unique, God's creations

We really needed more time going thru here & better shapes (our bodies) because I would've loved to do a little hiking. I felt as tho I had driven into something in another world!
At first we were thinking it was just going to be some mountains and ok maybe some wildlife but OMG it was like we stepped into Planet Mars or some huge Sand Castle with no water around -it's so hard to explain. It's like the moons surface but so much more elaborate with fossile beds and jagged spires that have eroded over the years and have these deep crevasses and unique scenery that just make you want to explore on foot or horseback or whatever! Of course there were some animals and whatnot in there but not much living-it was eerie but beautiful & of course we lost sunlight so fast and it was not somewhere you wanted to be in the dark :o(
I will attach pictures soon-you'll see and make your own opinions!

9-22-09 Crazy Horse Monument (work in progress)

wow-what an amazing thing to see! This is nothing else was worth the trip and tomorrow we're heading to Mt Rushmore which is supposed to a another marvel.....we'll see :o) They say that all of Mt Rushmores 4 presidents heads will fit in Crazy Horses head-that is how big this monument is in comparison.
Anyway, apparently the Indian's decided this Crazy Horse fellow needed a monument and of all the people in the world they decided a man of polish decent would be the man to do it...of course he just so happened to have been born on the same day as Crazy Horse so there was Karma there and you know the Indians and Karma. So this man Korczak Ziolkowski started on a mission by himself in 1948 he started carving the face- just that was completed in 1998, when its done it'll be 641' long and 563' high. He married a lady and they had 10 kids and they had 28 kids and most of them still work the mountain, in fact his wife still is alive and still oversees the progress with 7 of the children everyday.
You can go online i believe and see an actual live shot of work in progress and sometimes when they dynamite because there is no state funding it's slow but it is amazing. It's and also there is a really good laser show at 7:45 every night that tells the story-don't know tho if they put that on the site....maybe
Oh and Lauren & Ali, you will be so proud of PopPop....he actually got you guys a piece of Crazy Horse's face that they dynamited away & he's bringing it home as a souvenir for you guys-you asked for a rock and now you have something from here-pretty cool huh! It's granite and it's just like everyone back home makes counter tops and floors from-daddy or mommy can explain it to you .

Monday, September 21, 2009

9-20-09 left Wilderness 8:30 AM

pictures coming
For $27 nite-best place so far to stay :o)
heading towards Omaha, Nebraska left at 8:30 AM weather was a little foggy and some wind-prices for gas has been so varied from $2.50 to $2.16 gal we're gonna drive as far as we can and stop as close to Omaha as we can-we're trying to get to Dakotas we have three days of traveling ahead of us.
Needed to find a Wal Mart-needed some essentials-our GPS took us to a little town which happened to take us over a little bridge in Bellevue City, Nebraska and when going over the bridge there was this adorable city campgrounds so you got it-we doubled back and that's where we camped last night. It was right on the Missouri River and called Haworth Park and only costs $20 a night and run by the city-very clean too with ceramic bathrooms & handicapped too
It would've been the perfect night, EXCEPT....poor little bud-we didn't even disconnect because it was such a serene and picturesque area that we wanted to take him out and run and play with him because he'd been stuck in the car all day long-so we put the leash on and took him down by the boats and water and next thing you know he's falling down and biting at his paws and when I pick him up he's got hundreds of little burrs all over his paws and in his pads and undercoat-it took us forever to cut and chop his hair and pull those things out of his fur......poor little thing, not saying how many splinters Joe and I got in our fingers working on him all that time. Thank God I brought all his clippers and snips with from home-and thank God there were two of us to work on him because it definitely was a two person job to hold him down while the other clips and cuts-he was sooooo stinkin good too!

9-18 & 19-09 Wilderness Campgrounds SDC

Well we found a little bit o' heaven in Missouri & it's right here at Wilderness Campgrounds and its not a KOA or a Good Sam's but it's the best we've seen or stayed in so far and we'd strongly recommend it to anyone was actually recommended to us from Karlee the nurse at Ozark Hospital while I was getting treated, her and her family come and tent camp here a couple times a year and they love it too. We had asked if they do AAA discounts as well and she said heck no but I'll make you a Silver Dollar City member and give you a 15% discount which is even better than anything you have plus it got Joe free coffee whenever he wanted-so he was thrilled :o) Each site is truly in the "wilderness" and built into a cliff of some sort and wooded with full hook ups and cable TV and loads of stations. It actually was the first time we've used the tv in 9 days of traveling and we're happy we hooked it up because the next day was a "monsoon" type of day- it never let up all day long.... poor Bailey did not even want to go out to the bathroom! I went up to get a shower first thing in the morning, came out from the shower (which I must say was a gorgeous shower-fully tiled (ceramic) brite, clean & plenty of hot water & huge) and walked out the door....should not have dried off because I never got two foot out the door and I was soaked to the bone AGAIN & that was the beginning of the day and it never let up till late in the night-so we'd say the day was a wash...
It was Saturday too, felt sorry for all the poor saps who drove in for the weekend and bought tix for SDC -oh we also found out that if you stayed at this campsite and bought a day pass you got the second day for free-not that it would've done us any good today but next time (if there is a next time) we'll know and plan ahead because those tix are expensive and I would've liked to see more of the crafts and how things are made & Joe would've liked to see more of the "cowgirl" shows, lol!

9-18-09 Silver Dollar City, Branson, MO

Arrived at the SDC parking lot around noon, decided to come here first because it would've wasted too much of our park time to go to the campsite and unhook and come back since SDC closes at 6PM and tickets here are about $50 a piece for a day admission, but it does include everything except food and souvenir's -it was a good deal if you had a full day and as it was our day was dwindling quickly......So-we set Bailey up with plenty of food and water in the RV parking lot and off we went for a day of walking hills and valleys and seeing shows and rides & looking at crafts and all kinds of home cooking! There was a final show in the amphitheatre at 6 Pm but we had to check into our campsite before 8PM so we couldn't stay for the whole show or we'd risk not getting a campsite for the nite and that was more important at this point.
I'll have to put in here a picture of a little old lady that was a violin maker, she was in her late 90's and cute as a button, she was playing one of the violin's she had made with a young feller playing a guitar and she got so excited when I asked her if I could take her picture :o)
Then there was a blacksmith type feller that was making the coolest knives out of railroad spikes-very neat and extremely sharp but they were starting at $70 and Joe passed them up for a belt buckle instead-go figure :o) But the buckle is excellent and cut from an actual coin and we all know Joe and his buckles, lol

9-18-09 Fantastic cavern tour

8AM woke up bright and early to head out to the cavern tour-first one is at 8:30 so we're only 15 minutes away and have plenty of time...nice day for the tour and the cavern is 60 degrees all year, chilly down there :o) Cost is about $21 each and pulled by jeep with about 20 people guided by Garret our guide who just does this because it's a "job" poor guy :O(
Very interesting facts we find during that tour because when I was in school (at least during that class I usually cut and went to Art class :o) teachers always knew where to find me, lol....anyways-we learned how they found the caverns and used them especially during the prohibition era and they actually had hootin hollerin shows down there with a lot of the country western talent guys back in the 30's and 40's! It's strange too but a feller & his dog found the mine (can't recall his name now) actually kept it a secret for a couple of years during the war and then asked for volunteers to help him explore it and believe it or not (I believe it because I saw their names engraved on the wall of the cave) 12 woman and most of them married) actually were the only ones that volunteered....go ladies! I'll have to stick that picture in here for all to see, lol. Like I always say-woman are the backbone of this country....when God created earth she certainly knew what she was doing!
Oh well, now on to our next stop....we head back to our campsite-pick up our camper and of course our pooch and head off to Silver Dollar City

Sunday, September 20, 2009

9-18-09 Silver Dollar City

1PM pulled into their parking lot, decided this was easier than trying to go to Wilderness campsite down the road, unhook & then get back to SDC since they close at 6PM and tickets are about $50 each for a day pass, little did we know that staying at Wilderness we would've gotten two day passes for the price of one except it wouldn't have done us any good since our second day at the site it rained :o(

SDC was an experience-don't know if I'd go out of my way to do it again unless I brought the kids with-simply because all the rides and admissions are included with the cost of the tix and we didn't do any of the rides but we saw and did plenty. A lot of craftspeople and their wares how they make them and of course for sale. I even took a picture of a little old violin maker (lady) that was in her 90's sitting playing with a young feller playing a guitar that was so thrilled that I took her picture :o)

this post was in the process but then we lost internet connection so we re-did it the next miraculously some of it reappeared so I am including it as a "footnote" you might say because I can't really remember what we said in the one after and I don't really care at this point if ya get my drift, lol. Too many dang days in this camper and too many dang nights trying to get this internet to work!

9/17 morning leaving st louis going to Springfield

we left our cozy noisy campsite at Casino Queens (don't think we'll be staying there again) very nice but right against railroad tracks and boy do they blow the horns (Metro Links runs till about 1 AM and then starts again bright and early in the morn, so you get about 4 hrs sleep) but at least the laundry area was a couple steps from our site so I caught up on that and thought I was doing good by doing two loads of laundry....little did I know that my new soap was going to put me in the hospital later in the day! Yup, that new stuff they talk about on TV called Purex all in one- one sheet does it all...from the washer to the dryer, well it did it all and I broke out in welts that made leprosy look like it was coming back. Started on my arm to my butt up my back and then my face....what a site! Thank god my camera was full and Joe couldn't snap any pictures.
so after wasting that afternoon at the hospital we were too late to do much of anything so we pulled into a site in Springfield, MO that believe it or not was on top of another friggin train track and we couldn't see them because it was too late and dark but boy could we hear them.....ugh i just wanted to scream at this point between scratching and itching and being soooo uncomfortable and not being able to sleep and all the friggin noise from the trains I swear at the next site we both agreed that was going to be our first question we ask before checking in.....Do you have any train tracks hidden behind the trees?
we're staying here tonight and going to Fantastic Caverns in the AM, then coming back to get the camper and Bailey and go to Silver Dollar City and maybe Branson and a new site....bbs

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Legends in Concert in St Louis Lumiere Casino 9-16

We decided to stay an extra night in St Louis because Joe signed up for a players card & got free show tickets for this show plus a tailgate chair & while we were at the concert a fellow a couple seats down from us (who just so happened to be a Home Inspector,lol) was taken up on stage by "Madonna" as her "prop" and his wife did not bring their camera with that night! I was going to include the clip but this blog upload did not cooperate, so sorry. Here is a picture of a lady in our row with the Belushi guy from Blues Brothers-they were really good too. I'll stick a Madonna pic in there but it's a little blurry-she was built, it was funny seeing all of these performers afterwards walking around the hotel/casino floor-not like A/C or Vegas where they hide out!
The Cornucopia is from Silver Dollar City entrance-just thought it was a pretty addition :o)

more to come tomorrow-long road ahead of us if this weather ever lets up-been raining cats n dogs non stop all day! Poor Bail doesn't even want to go out in this crap to pee...what's a dog supposed to do?

Oh yeah, update on my hospital visit two days ago in Ozark Memorial, St Louis-my welts came back full force middle of the night last night but not as bad as two days ago-popped the meds again - they went down and itching subsided enough that I fell back asleep but this craps gotta stop! I'm not really sure what's bringing them on, but my god do I look horrible & especially when it hits my face & lips....ugh! Joe wanted to take pictures and post them but I think I would've filed for divorce :o(

We're heading to the Dakota's tomorrow, I believe...but I'll be back soon and let you know about that. Just finished securing down the hatches for the trip - boy do you learn the hard way about camper traveling and what is secure and what isn' the faucet in the sinks have these little bursts of energy sometimes, so don't dare store anything in the sink or it's ruined.....for instance Joe put his pill case there between the last two campgrounds and yup you guessed it.....each compartment is now one big clump of a pill!

Me, I put my dish washing soap under the sink in the cabinet standing up and wedged-yeah right, like it's going to stay there~! Got here last night and I had soap all over under the sink. Not only did it tip over but it popped open the lid too.....what a gooey mess that was to clean.

But all in all its been fun and definitely a learning experience and much better than sleeping in a tent, lol.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaving Arch in St Louis Missouri 9-17-09

Well had a great two nights here -laid back, did a couple things (gambled, since we stayed in an RV casino park which was very nice & black topped) & now we're heading towards Springfield, Missouri & possibly Branson if time permits! I dropped a pic that I took from the top of the arch of our camp site which was at the Casino Queen across the river-amazing views from up yonder :o)
While in St Louis we did the Anheuser Busch tour and sampled their beer, yup that's right-Joe & I who don't even drink beer-did that tour! Pretty interesting and I even found a beer that I like-it's called Michelob Bock....pretty good stuff! Joe still isn't converted tho & I don't think I will be either but it is different, lol. We even tasted their pumpkin beer coming out this month, yuk!
Then of course we did the tour of the Arch and boy was that pretty amazing-you go up 680' or so in this tiny little pod (and believe me if it was more than a 4 minute ride I wouldn't have been in it) and then you're on top of the world! I'll try to add some shots of the city (I took their ball stadium & one of a church or the waterfront) we'll see which one looks best :o)
Oh & of course since we stayed at a casino, we signed up for the players card & used that the first night & received a tailgate chair and comp tickets to see Legends in Concert the next night (opening night) very good-if I must say so myself! I actually got to play a little poker that night too & won a little bit- 3/6 table for about 2 hrs. Found out they used to have to pay to come into the casino's $15 and had to leave by 4 AM, now they don't charge but have to still leave by that time :o(....can you imagine! Also, something about Missouri has to be within 1,000 ft of water on or water and Illinois doesn't have to be on water so they are in direct competition right across the river from each other. Plus one of them has smoking in the casino and the other doesn't....very strange rules here-for sure!
P.S Happy Birthday Brother Dearest in Alaska - how old does today make you??

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Milan, Indiana Pat & Dan Hill's house finally :o)

Well, finally hooked up with Pat & Dan-only been about 16 years :o) But, hit them on a good weekend-we went to something called a "Shoot" it's a re-enactment with teepee's, indians, cowboys, etc and all kinds of crafts-spent all afternoon there and oh yeah did I say we stopped at a new casino first, lol. Yup, they have casino's here too-made my day! But, of course we all lost (only stayed about hour or two) They're both retired, so we can play the whole time we're here :o)
We pulled in about 5 PM on Friday & I was panicking about my tooth so ended up calling my dentist back home (god bless him) he told me to get something called DenTemp and its like silly putty-use it until I get home and then he'll fix my tooth & boy, touch wood, it's working like a charm (so far)
Dan & Pat's house is beautiful & definitely a showcase for Longaberger (LOL) - a huge 4 BR w/in law suite (which is really their Master Bedroom) on a large lot) on a golf course-I know Joey you would just love to live here-walk out your back door and hit some balls :o) Dan took dad for a tour on his little golf cart thingy up to the clubhouse last night-it's a golfers heaven-apparently!
Now, we understand why they would never come back to PA or Juniper St-they can get so much more for their money here!
Oh well, signing off for now-tomorrow morning we're heading out for I don't know where...I think a campground in Kentucky but I'll let you know when we get there! Oh, I forgot to tell you this little place called Milan had no cell service for Verizon so we've been virtually unavailable to civilization for the past three days (my husband has been loving that)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zanesville, Ohio & Longaberger Basket town

We, what an awesome day we had! Left the campsite around 10, headed out to see Longaberger with few stops along the way (of course I had to forget deodorant & Joe forgot windshield washer) so Wal Mart here we come :o)

Oh & our discharge on the electrical system seems to have been nothing but loose battery cable wires :o( Apparently (I got nervous yesterday when the OG kept blinking in between the normal blinks) so I called the place where we bought the trailer and spoke to them-well they are just the nicest guys in the whole world (Slicers Campers & Trailers in Delaware) They went into the internet (after calling the factory rep) now mind you we did not buy this gadget to control the trailer brakes from them, just the trailer-but still they spent a couple hours trouble shooting the error code for us! Came back to tell us what this OG meant & it meant "Open Ground" so then that sent us looking for what this means and.....this morning when I bought the windshield washer-Joe went to pour it in and looked at the cables on the battery (which had just been installed recently) and noticed they were very loose-so out comes the wrench...tightens that up and lo and behold no more error codes on this break gadget!!!! Go figure, so again we slip in under the gun & save a major cost/repair- cha ching cha ching

We head off to Frezeysburg to see some baskets and baskets and baskets- man when I say baskets, I mean baskets. This town has so many baskets, it is unbelievable. You name it and they have a basket for it! We watched them make baskets in the factory, then Joe got the brainstorm-if they can make them, why can't we? And sure enough-we can & we did! Took about 3/4 hr but it is absolutely's called a large berry basket & we got to choose the colors & tacks for the sides and make the whole thing - start to finish! What a cool and neat idea!

After that -it was off to tour the land of Longaberger! What an amazing, inspirational man Dave was & very generous in his day (deceased now) He donated, built and participated in much of what went into the area till his dying day. I'll attach some pictures we took today

Actually we took pictures of their office building which is in the shape of one of the picnic baskets-it is seven stories high and they say at night it is all lit up and very stunning. Then we went into Dresden & saw the biggest basket right in the center of town.....and trust me when I say every store was a basket store of some sort! Would've spent more time there, but good ole Linda was backing up just one more step (to take a picture of Joe in front of the biggest basket) when she stepped into a hole (covered with grass) and of course wrenched her back-so needless to say the spasms & pain started almost immediately (glad I had my meds with) but I ended up flat on my back the whole ride back to the trailer (about 30 minutes) in the back of the suburban! Then laid on my heating pad for about another hour while Joe went back out to find someplace that had a Y bridge (yup that's right it's a Y) and when he came back I felt a little better so got up and we had something to eat .....I decided on yogurt w/ granola & when I bit down on I guess a piece of granola & broke off a piece of my molar-so now I need a Dentist rather quickly because my molar is basically wide open ;o(

So the day off really good and ended up rather poorly.....

Hope tomorrow brings something a little less frazzling, but wait till you see how cute this basket is....I told Joe it really does make up for our little trip to McDonald's, lol.....cause I told him I was never going to let him live that one down!

Tomorrow is Friday & I just put in a frantic call to our friends (Dan & Pat) who we're going to see in Milan, In. when we leave here (asking them to see if their dentist will see me tomorrow afternoon) So, here's hoping and praying that he will! If not, Joe just came up with an idea and maybe the very nice lady at the office here (the one with the Bailey look a like) has a dentist and we'll just delay leaving & get an appt somewhere in Zanesville
Well, I'll finish this post tomorrow and add the rest of the pics then.....

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 1-on the road :o)

Alrighty-we made it out the door this morning 9:15 AM & actually got as far as Ohio...a little town called Zanesville that is actually very close to the place where Longaberger baskets are made -SO0ooo guess where we are stopping tomorrow? Yup, can't pass that opportunity up-not being this close to the building shaped like a basket and not actually going to see it-I would never hear the end of it!
Well, let me show you a picture of our stop for dinner today,..,. my husband had to surprise me with this one because I used to love "Big Macs" before I went on this no beef kick a couple months back......

Anyways, we are at the most adorable campsite ever-in fact we were talking about staying here for a week-it is so nice (and clean) and the views are to die for (plus the owner has a yorkie that is a bailey look a like-go figure) So what else could one ask for? Oh and did I say reasonably price and the is wifi free !
Got here too late to take any pictures (plus we had troubles with our electrical system discharging) but I will try to take some tomorrow and download them in that blog....but for now-it's hitting the sack (can't believe I'm saying that it's only 9:23 ) but been a long harrowing day
Oh and Lauren & Ali-so far we've been thru Penna, W. Virginia & Ohio (mark them off)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9 Days to Pull Out!

Well, we're loading the trailer & working our way towards pulling on out! The suburban has had its repairs/tweaks done, the trailer has been inspected-yup can you believe it-PA requires an inspection on trailers! But, alas-we moved it from one driveway to the other last night and the freshwater drain plug popped and our water drained, now we scurry to try to fix/repair that before we leave. Amazing that on inspection two weeks ago-that was not found to be in need of repair-hmmm, what did they really inspect?

Anyways, it's a $3 part-but I'm sure if we were to take it into a dealer, it would be a $400 we are going to try and do it ourselves! Might delay our leaving a day or so-we'll see, only because it's a mail order part.

I have (I think) loaded most of the essentials for living on the road-I'm pretty used to doing this, simply because of boat living in the summer-so how much different can it be? Guess I'm going to find out soon enough (plus we'll be going thru several changes of climate during this trip and we will need all kinds of gear for that-so I hear)
I've included interior pics this time- the top left one is pull out sofa that is a queen sleeper & fridge is what you see on left of pic- and the right pic is the left of what you walk into from the front door- the dinette opens into a double bed and you can see the bathroom in the far back-it's cute, quaint & 22' long-it lowers down to about the height of our suburban and it's easier to tow than most trailers and much better on gas consumption (god knows we need that with this hog of a car)
So, wish us luck and in a week or so, we'll be hitting the trails & see this old US of A- who knows maybe seeing something unique enough to post and share with you all :o)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heard from Brother Bobbo in Alaska

Linda, your so much the techie one, nice site. I tried to post a comment but couldn't quite figure it out, but if this is a family road trip then I think it's only fair to show not only your mug but your loyal and faithful husband (Dad's 1st and most favorite son-in-law) Well I be checking in on your trip, it sounds like fun and a lot more comfortable then what Mary (7 months pregnant), Robert and our 90lb Shepard (with bad gas @ times) did in a station wagon back in 1976 from San Diego to New York.


Bob Nedzwecky907-617-7383 cell

There ya go- it's that simple to post a Blog- see I'm not so techy :o)
lov ya bro
next time you get to post it
Maybe we can hook up somewhere in the US of A- are you still planning on flying out?
p.s. took your hint too & dug up this ole pic of Joe & I from some cruise we were on way back when- looks like we were happy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countdown has begun-Sept 8th is drawing near

OK, I'm really getting nervous about leaving and being away so long :o( Did I say apprehensive too.....Maybe it might be an experience of a lifetime,but hey I like to get where I'm going, enjoy myself & get home-know what I mean? We shall see-and live in a trailer-on the road for 45 days w/my little doggie and my hubby-hmmmm!
We've decided or shall I say- I decided not to let Joe map out our route...I want to not be in a rush to be somewhere at any given time-I do that every day of my life and if we're really going to do this trip, I'd really like to be able to absorb and enjoy whatever sites we do get to see along the way.
The only thing we know is we will be in Vegas for our daughters birthday on 9-24 and we will be in Albuquerque for the BIGGEST Hot Air Balloon Festival I believe in the USA if not in the world by October 2nd! I am soooo excited about that, I can't wait-anyone that knows me-knows I love love love hot air balloons. And one of the greatest gifts/surprises Joe ever got me was a ride for just the two of us in a Hot Air Balloon-definitely the coolest thing ever!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pre-set up posting :o(

I really don't know what I'm doing but here goes....thanks to my dear friend Deb from Georgia (she hooked me up to this site) I am going to be blogging my way across the USA with my husband Joe (and hopefully journaling as we go, with pictures) for all our friends and family to check out, if they so desire! No more boring pictures to look at when we get home, lol-only to look at on this site, if and when you desire!

It's also our 37th anniversary today, so I need to make this a quick entry and make some special plans before my husband wakes up....
I'm going to try to attach a picture of the Hi-Lo trailer we purchase a couple weeks ago- that will be our "home" for a couple weeks in the fall-so wish me luck.