Thursday, August 13, 2009

Heard from Brother Bobbo in Alaska

Linda, your so much the techie one, nice site. I tried to post a comment but couldn't quite figure it out, but if this is a family road trip then I think it's only fair to show not only your mug but your loyal and faithful husband (Dad's 1st and most favorite son-in-law) Well I be checking in on your trip, it sounds like fun and a lot more comfortable then what Mary (7 months pregnant), Robert and our 90lb Shepard (with bad gas @ times) did in a station wagon back in 1976 from San Diego to New York.


Bob Nedzwecky907-617-7383 cell

There ya go- it's that simple to post a Blog- see I'm not so techy :o)
lov ya bro
next time you get to post it
Maybe we can hook up somewhere in the US of A- are you still planning on flying out?
p.s. took your hint too & dug up this ole pic of Joe & I from some cruise we were on way back when- looks like we were happy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Countdown has begun-Sept 8th is drawing near

OK, I'm really getting nervous about leaving and being away so long :o( Did I say apprehensive too.....Maybe it might be an experience of a lifetime,but hey I like to get where I'm going, enjoy myself & get home-know what I mean? We shall see-and live in a trailer-on the road for 45 days w/my little doggie and my hubby-hmmmm!
We've decided or shall I say- I decided not to let Joe map out our route...I want to not be in a rush to be somewhere at any given time-I do that every day of my life and if we're really going to do this trip, I'd really like to be able to absorb and enjoy whatever sites we do get to see along the way.
The only thing we know is we will be in Vegas for our daughters birthday on 9-24 and we will be in Albuquerque for the BIGGEST Hot Air Balloon Festival I believe in the USA if not in the world by October 2nd! I am soooo excited about that, I can't wait-anyone that knows me-knows I love love love hot air balloons. And one of the greatest gifts/surprises Joe ever got me was a ride for just the two of us in a Hot Air Balloon-definitely the coolest thing ever!