Saturday, September 26, 2009

Entering Vegas...51 miles to go

alright I'm taking a break for a couple back when we head out to Albuquerque on the 1st of October...cya all soon
We'll be enjoying time with my daughter, sisters and their families and chillin (maybe win a jackpot and take a couple more weeks off, lol)


  1. so glad you got to vegas safe and sound !! you guys did some major travel, in a short time--mt rushmore how cool ! someday we will get there-have a wonderful visit with your family

    richard and jon and there better haves are in vegas right now !!
    wishing you well

  2. bummer we never did get to hook up with them, Richard called their last night in town & we had just got seated at a restaurant clear across town (actually in Henderson by my sister Sue's) and Joe had just left on his way back to our hotel with the camper (was in getting the air conditioner fixed all day at Camping World) so us girl's wer out for dinner on our own :o)