Saturday, September 26, 2009

Beaver, Utah

this town has a special place in my see back in May I did this drive with my darling daughter (as some of you know) however, we did it in 4 days straight with one stop 0vernight (for my birthday as a special treat to me cause my ole bones needed a break from being cooped up in her little VW Passat all that time, lol. Anyways, we got to Beaver and no where along the way had any gas station attendant offered to check our fluids, under the hood or tires for that matter & when we pulled off in this god forsaken exit there were two gas stations,one on the left and one on the right-we chose the right for some unknown reason (I swear God was leading us)! WEll, good thing we did because this young fellow not only checked our fluids but happened to see that one of her tires had a bubble and the other one had a split down the side of it and let me tell you the speed limit is 80MPH out here......we would've definitely been KILLED if either tire would've blown out-so trust me when they say God works in mysterious ways!
SOOOOO, yesterday my sister Carol and I talk, as we have been doing regularly along the way and when I tell her where we are and about this Beaver town, she says one of her patients runs a RV park and Mexican restaurant in -yup- you guessed it Beaver! Now, wouldn't that be nice if we could pay back a local for something nice that was done for us back in we push and we push to make it to this little park and I'll post some pics, lol.....because it is definitely not something we would've found -especially since it was way after dark. In fact many a times along the way we were so tired we were ready to just pull off and just camp by the road and finally about 8:15 PM we pull in way off the beaten path (have to admit they gave us good directions tho) The owner even teried to talk us into trying some of his wife's mexican cooking but we were soooo exhausted we didn't unhook, or hook up to anything, just fed the dog, walked him and crashed!
First one is their house (green), second one is the entrance and third is the office :o)

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